Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Pictures

Before the move, during the move and a mini family reunion in pictures.


Joel geting the ever-moving Julian to stay still. He loves that little boy so much.

Baby Showers

Gabe was the entertainment

Reuniting with my siblings--the coolest people you will ever meet.

Spending as much time as I could with this little man & his mom. 

Joel's hair was starting to mullet...

so it was time to chop the locks.

Then we headed east, but had to stop in St. Louis to see my favorite family and celebrate Shark Week like no one ever has before.

This is why I love Shelby most.
Joel wants a Preslie

and a Beckham

As we drove into Connecticut we made a stop at La Guardia to pick up this lovely lady

And spent time with my mom's side of the family who we're very excited to live close to.

Then we took a short trip to see my Grammie Liz and Ralph.

Met my grandma's stray pet cat who I believe is Peppe Le Pew & the cat he finally seduced's lovechild.

Had our own personal art show with Gram's current work. 
I took home four and my mom, about a dozen. She is an incredible artist and her charcoal work is Impressionistic which is my favorite. You can see her painting of a New England chapel (that was built in 1776 and is where she and Ralph got married) hanging up beside my bed. 

And spent the rest of the day lounging in her sun room.

My dad sketched this picture of my mom when they were young and it has always been a treasure to me. I would stare at it as a child, mesmerized by my mother's beauty and overwhelmed with how much love could be captured in a sketch. I had never seen the picture before until now.

3 generations
If I have any personality, it comes from them.

And while we stayed in West Haven until we found an apartment we ate a lot of Stowes Fresh Seafood.

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