Friday, August 31, 2012

A House Divided


We've recently been sucked into the seasons of Gilmore Girls. First it was me, then slowly Joel started catching up when I was gone for a couple of days visiting my grandma in upstate New York. He was lonely, so he clung to The Girls. I know this revelation will make half of you cross us off your friend list and the other half put gold stars next to our names. Funny how it is a love or hate kind of show. Well, we love it (maybe because our new town has striking Stars Hallow qualities) and it's causing some tension. You see, I am Team Jess and Joel is Team Dean. I think Dean has a frightening explosive temper (red flag! red flag!) and Joel thinks Jess is a jerk with no redeeming qualities. We obviously have big issues to worry about at our house. The worst part about it is that Joel is also Team Christopher and I am Team Luke. I've seen enough of the later episodes to know we're going to have a full on war raging in the near future. Let us all pray for peace.

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