Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Since I work in a cubicle nowhere near a window to the outside world, I like to pretend the snow globe leftover from an intern back in the 90's is my corner office view.

You guys, it is the Macy's Day Parade every day in my cubicle! Partaaay!

When I realized this morning that it was September 11th I was honestly a little scared. I can get really anxious about these sort of things so the whole morning I kept imagining different scenarios of being in the city for another attack. I did not want to go into work. I wanted to stay in bed with my husband where no one could hurt us. But I got on the train anyway. Going through my daily routine in the city gave me a new perspective of 9/11. New Yorkers walking beside me, most of which actually had reason to be scared because they witnessed, first-hand, the horrors of that day, were going on with their day. No one mentioned it at work and I didn't overhear anyone talk about it on the Subway (the best place for eavesdropping). It was as if it were just another day.

I know that in their minds it was not just another day. I'm sure that when they looked at their calendars their hearts dropped. Because today isn't about remembering, is it? At least not for our generation. Today was about the ability to be free from fear. What I saw today was an overwhelming example of faith. Faith in humanity, and faith in the love and protection of something greater than them, who I believe to be God.  Having faith despite vivid memories of fear is quite a feat. It is a declaration of the freedom we so proudly claim as Americans. They are an admirable people.

So thank you, New Yorkers, for making the view from my corner office a reminder of hope, not fear.

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