Friday, September 28, 2012


I feel like this will be our life when we start having babies.

Don't even try to morally object because it is much too late.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

He Loves Me


Today I got to kiss baby fingers. I got to hold her as we looked out the window and feel her sweet little head rest on my shoulder. I got to watch a smile break out on her face when she saw herself in the mirror. I got to listen to baby babbles, squeals, growls (the cutest) and even a some small cries. I got to soothe those cries with a bottle full of milk and sit quietly as I held her in my arms.

Today was my due date and, as close as I got to forgetting it, there was no way it would completely leave my mind. The closer September 17th came, the more I tried to think of something special to do on that day. Nothing ever came to mind so I brushed those thoughts aside.

Today, in the late afternoon, I was washing the dishes and I suddenly remembered. I felt the Lord's love wash over me as I thought about my morning.

I got to kiss baby fingers. 

It's these intricately designed moments that remind me how much I am loved by my Father in heaven. He planned such a special day for me and I couldn't feel more at peace.

I know He loves me and that He loves me enough to give me my own sweet little baby's fingers to kiss on my next due date, whenever that may be.

He loves me and, if you're wondering, He loves you, too.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roald Dahl Day

Happy Roald Dahl Day, everybody!
Roald Dahl is one of my two favorite authors of children's books.
I've read almost everything he's written.
He was a beloved man in my household growing up.
Visiting The Roald Dahl Museum is on my Bucket List.
His humor and magical imagination cannot be compared.
He was an extremely talented writer, to say the least.

I got a text early this morning from my sister saying that she is in labor. My sweet niece will share her birthday with Roald Dahl! This means something great. What a happy day!


Abigail Liara Dixon


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Since I work in a cubicle nowhere near a window to the outside world, I like to pretend the snow globe leftover from an intern back in the 90's is my corner office view.

You guys, it is the Macy's Day Parade every day in my cubicle! Partaaay!

When I realized this morning that it was September 11th I was honestly a little scared. I can get really anxious about these sort of things so the whole morning I kept imagining different scenarios of being in the city for another attack. I did not want to go into work. I wanted to stay in bed with my husband where no one could hurt us. But I got on the train anyway. Going through my daily routine in the city gave me a new perspective of 9/11. New Yorkers walking beside me, most of which actually had reason to be scared because they witnessed, first-hand, the horrors of that day, were going on with their day. No one mentioned it at work and I didn't overhear anyone talk about it on the Subway (the best place for eavesdropping). It was as if it were just another day.

I know that in their minds it was not just another day. I'm sure that when they looked at their calendars their hearts dropped. Because today isn't about remembering, is it? At least not for our generation. Today was about the ability to be free from fear. What I saw today was an overwhelming example of faith. Faith in humanity, and faith in the love and protection of something greater than them, who I believe to be God.  Having faith despite vivid memories of fear is quite a feat. It is a declaration of the freedom we so proudly claim as Americans. They are an admirable people.

So thank you, New Yorkers, for making the view from my corner office a reminder of hope, not fear.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello, Dream Internship. Nice to finally meet you.

Greatest lobby EVER, am I right??

This was my first week working as an intern at Random House Publishing. I still have to pinch myself when I say those words to make sure I'm not dreaming. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to work in their Children's Books section which is, hands down, the best place to be. When I stepped onto the floor the first thing I saw were prints of illustrations covering the walls, stacks of books shoved into every nook and cranny of people's desks, and a wall on which little kids actually draw and color. People, this is heaven! 

But before I jump right in, let me give you a play-by-play of my first day of work. This is for you, Momma. 

Joel picked my outfit for the first day. It was his first time giving me advice on clothes. 
"You don't want to be all up in people's faces with color on the first day, Sara," was his reason for picking this combo. A Project Runway judge in the making, mark my words.

Here I am waiting at the train station with all the men in suits. Joel says that you can tell where they work by the kind of suits they wear. He read about it in The Big Short. I sat next to a man in a cream colored suit, a floral tie and a gold mermaid belt buckle and cuff links. Definitely a banker. 

Also, about 5 seconds after this picture was taken it started to rain. And I didn't have an my hair turned into a mane of frizz and curl. It was the first of a series of unfortunate events.

I got off the subway at Columbus Circle, my final stop. I haven't seen very many of the subway stops but I've decided Columbus Circle is the best. The mosaic signs and sailboats are a relief from the grime and the outlet is a grand entrance to the streets of New York.

Stopped at my morning croissant stand. I'm practically a regular, going twice in a row and all.

And then I turned to my left and behold, (trumpets trumpeting) Random House! 

Now, before I even stepped into the building on my first day

-I had been rained on, which completely ruined my hair and left me slightly damp for the rest of the day
-my necklace broke into teeny tiny pieces on the stairs in the subway
-my skirt unhemmed(!) leaving a trail of thread starting from somewhere down in the depths of the subway system to where I was standing 
-and, of course, my Wonderful Week of Womanhood started right then and there as I gazed at the top of the skyscrapers


Despite those things, I had a pretty good first day. I work closely with down-to-earth, kind and funny people who were totally welcoming and not even a bit scary.  My supervisor handed me books to read when work lulled (heaven, I tell you). I love the work, even if it seems menial, because it has to do with things I am most interested in. Now I can understand what it is like to be in love with your job. We had delicious New York pizza for lunch. We talked about how much we love TV, which is something I've always felt guilty about (trading books for TV) but now I feel totally unashamed. And I have my own cubicle with my name on it AT RANDOM HOUSE! I am totally attached. 

When I got home I opened the door to my husband making rice & lentils. I peeled off my work clothes, tied my hair on top of my head and sat on a step stool drinking diet coke and telling him about my first day. It was the perfect ending. It is comforting to know that no matter where I go I will always come home to Joel, who loves me and listens to me.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick Trip Into the City

On Friday, Joel and I took a trip into the city to figure out my route to work and see a few sites. Now that we'll be in the city so often we were able to just wander around and spend more time in each place.

Manhattan temple
Every time I eat in Little Italy I want to hug and kiss the whole world because the food is just that good. It's so fresh, well seasoned and perfectly cooked. I remember seeing these beautiful apartments for rent near Little Italy during one visit to NYC when I was a teenager. I thought for sure that I would live in those apartments someday and be fat and happy eating every meal at an Italian restaurant. I think a vacation to Italy needs to happen soon.

Little Italy
We walked down Canal street to pick up a wallet for my friend, Tayler who was in NYC a few weeks ago. From the subway stop to Canal street smelled awful, but other than that Chinatown was fine. Good for shopping, I'm sure. But it was the walk from Chinatown to the World Trade Center Memorial that had me oohing and awing. The old government buildings are beautiful. 

Waiting for our time slot to get into the memorial.
 If you go there, be sure to get tickets beforehand. They're free and you wont have to wait for hours.
The WTC Memorial was moving. The sheer size of the foundations turned into fountains just takes your breath away. I couldn't believe that 12 years ago (one year before the attack) I stood on top of the tower whose foundation lies behind us in this picture.

As we read the names in just the section of the fountain where we stood it made the attack feel even more personal. With each name my heart twinged at the thought of what they experienced that day and who they left behind.

When we looked at the plans for the four new buildings going up Joel turned to me and said something very astute which stirred up a deep pride within. He said, "I like that they're building four buildings instead of two. It's like that one Greek monster who grows back double the heads the more you try to cut them off. It sends a message to the world that no matter how many times they try to strike us down we will only come back twice as strong." 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Pictures

Before the move, during the move and a mini family reunion in pictures.


Joel geting the ever-moving Julian to stay still. He loves that little boy so much.

Baby Showers

Gabe was the entertainment

Reuniting with my siblings--the coolest people you will ever meet.

Spending as much time as I could with this little man & his mom. 

Joel's hair was starting to mullet...

so it was time to chop the locks.

Then we headed east, but had to stop in St. Louis to see my favorite family and celebrate Shark Week like no one ever has before.

This is why I love Shelby most.
Joel wants a Preslie

and a Beckham

As we drove into Connecticut we made a stop at La Guardia to pick up this lovely lady

And spent time with my mom's side of the family who we're very excited to live close to.

Then we took a short trip to see my Grammie Liz and Ralph.

Met my grandma's stray pet cat who I believe is Peppe Le Pew & the cat he finally seduced's lovechild.

Had our own personal art show with Gram's current work. 
I took home four and my mom, about a dozen. She is an incredible artist and her charcoal work is Impressionistic which is my favorite. You can see her painting of a New England chapel (that was built in 1776 and is where she and Ralph got married) hanging up beside my bed. 

And spent the rest of the day lounging in her sun room.

My dad sketched this picture of my mom when they were young and it has always been a treasure to me. I would stare at it as a child, mesmerized by my mother's beauty and overwhelmed with how much love could be captured in a sketch. I had never seen the picture before until now.

3 generations
If I have any personality, it comes from them.

And while we stayed in West Haven until we found an apartment we ate a lot of Stowes Fresh Seafood.