Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick Trip Into the City

On Friday, Joel and I took a trip into the city to figure out my route to work and see a few sites. Now that we'll be in the city so often we were able to just wander around and spend more time in each place.

Manhattan temple
Every time I eat in Little Italy I want to hug and kiss the whole world because the food is just that good. It's so fresh, well seasoned and perfectly cooked. I remember seeing these beautiful apartments for rent near Little Italy during one visit to NYC when I was a teenager. I thought for sure that I would live in those apartments someday and be fat and happy eating every meal at an Italian restaurant. I think a vacation to Italy needs to happen soon.

Little Italy
We walked down Canal street to pick up a wallet for my friend, Tayler who was in NYC a few weeks ago. From the subway stop to Canal street smelled awful, but other than that Chinatown was fine. Good for shopping, I'm sure. But it was the walk from Chinatown to the World Trade Center Memorial that had me oohing and awing. The old government buildings are beautiful. 

Waiting for our time slot to get into the memorial.
 If you go there, be sure to get tickets beforehand. They're free and you wont have to wait for hours.
The WTC Memorial was moving. The sheer size of the foundations turned into fountains just takes your breath away. I couldn't believe that 12 years ago (one year before the attack) I stood on top of the tower whose foundation lies behind us in this picture.

As we read the names in just the section of the fountain where we stood it made the attack feel even more personal. With each name my heart twinged at the thought of what they experienced that day and who they left behind.

When we looked at the plans for the four new buildings going up Joel turned to me and said something very astute which stirred up a deep pride within. He said, "I like that they're building four buildings instead of two. It's like that one Greek monster who grows back double the heads the more you try to cut them off. It sends a message to the world that no matter how many times they try to strike us down we will only come back twice as strong." 

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