Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's talk about...Food

I remember saying during my first 1st trimester (I later miscarried) that I wasn't going to let pregnancy change me. I would fight back at the raging hormones by keeping my emotions steady, my energy upbeat, and eating as I normally did.

So naive. So very, very naive.

The turning point came when I was in the middle of class and I started feeling nauseous. I was hungry. I opened my backpack and each snack I packed made my stomach churn. You know what would be perfect right now?--the child who had taken over my mind thought--A big bowl of orange sherbet. And, simply enough, that's how you find yourself torso-deep inside of a freezer at the grocery store scraping out the last carton of orange sherbet because it was, conveniently, frozen to the back wall. I ate one bowl full when I came home and it was thrown into the garbage a week later because I couldn't stand the sight of it.

Welcome to crazy town.

This time around, the 1st trimester wasn't any easier on me. I didn't have a car and Joel wasn't home until very late, so some nights you would find me in tears on the couch whimpering, "I just want one jalapeƱo kettle chip...just one." It was all very dramatic at the time, but hindsight tends to turns pregnancy into a comedy. I'm hoping that one day I will laugh at how my body has become wide, soft, and lumpy...that day is going to come, right?....RIGHT?!

Foods that had to be out of mind & sight faster than you can say vomit:
Any and all seafood...ugh, typing seafood made me queasy
Most meat--I can tolerate chicken and most sandwich meat
Pita chips
Ritz crackers
Green bean casserole
Anything too sugary, like most candy & sweets
Cream-based soups
Tortellini Alfredo
Foods that I've become obsessed with:
Bisquick biscuits
Potato Chips...okay, potato anything--like fries, tater tots, hash browns, roasted potatoes
Roasted Garlic Rye Chips
Pirates Booty
Grapes & Chocolate covered Strawberries
Any and all vegetables, especially peas and artichokes
Corn dogs
It's funny how pregnancy is such a wild ride but it never detracts from the joy and awe of seeing your baby inside of you and hearing its heartbeat. The whole thing is a miracle. It'll make you sick, frustrated and emotional--but it's a miracle and I know I'm blessed to be apart of it.


  1. Ah this is the funniest thing I have read about pregnancy. You are a very good writer! I am excited to keep up with your blog. Food cravings are pretty crazy during pregnancy. I wouldnever admit to myself that I had them, but now that I look back I realize that was not the case ;-)PS: I am not sure you remember who I am. I worked at the Nursing home in Logan with you.The name of it is slipping mind right now.

    1. Yes, of course I remember you! I love keeping up with you on your blog. Your girls are so cute!

  2. So glad to see I'm not the only one who miscarried on a first time pregnancy! Thanks for giving me some hope. Best of luck!

    1. I'm so sorry to hear you had a miscarriage, Courtney. Miscarrying on a first time pregnancy is awful and can drum up anxiety during the next. But, after my miscarriage, I talked to so many people who miscarried on their first and went on to have tons of babies. There is hope! :) I'll be sending best wishes your way!