Friday, March 22, 2013

Joel turned 27

While I was away in Utah Joel turned 27 years old. Lest you think I'm an awful wife for being away, I did try to make his big day as special as I could. Before I left, I set up a scavenger hunt around the house. The morning of his birthday he had to follow the clues and instructions to get his presents. For example, he had to put up a Happy Birthday sign on our front door and send me a picture to get one clue.

To find his last present he had to wear a huge pin on his chest that said "It's my 27th birthday" and get a picture taken with someone. His birthday was on a Sunday and I wanted to make sure at least someone wished him a happy birthday. If it was up to him, he could go the whole day not telling a soul. 

Ultimately, I had no reason to worry about that because we have some of the greatest friends out here who take really good care of us. One being the Jackson family. The night of Joel's birthday, Nicole invited Joel and a few of our friends over to their house for cake and ice cream. She made him his favorite cake topped with the Brazilian flag in sprinkles. As a cherry on top, their youngest daughter, with whom Joel is totally smitten, said "Joel" that day. It was his favorite birthday present!

When I talked to him on the phone after the party he said it had been one of his best birthdays yet (eh hm, with the exception of me being MIA). Many thanks to all of our friends who shared in the celebration. I can't tell you how happy you made him and me. 

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