Monday, April 1, 2013

Weeks 17 & 18

I can feel the baby move! Every so often my lower abdomen suddenly feels full and I feel something moving on its own in there. One time it felt like the baby did a flip, but for the most part it feels like small bubbles popping. The movements aren't huge but I can finally feel him/her.
We're getting anxious about finding out the gender of this little one. I thought I would have a preference but I honestly don't. Joel goes back and forth. We've reached the point that we just want to know! We can't wait to find out on Friday and see how much our baby has grown in 10 weeks. I have all of this energy to plan and nest, so we've harnessed that into finding deals on baby items. Seriously, one Friday night we spent at least an hour in the diaper section of Shop Rite comparing prices in the store and online. Who would've thought diaper prices would be one of the thrills we chase in our twenties?

Week 17 & 18 have been all about appearances. Since I got pregnant, it's only shown in my chest (so painful). At around 14 weeks I broke down and got a new bra that fit better and I'll probably be replacing it in few weeks. In these last 2 weeks, the rest of my body has gone from softening around the edges to "WHAT HAPPENED?!"--I actually yelled that in a dressing room. While I'm still not obviously pregnant looking, I definitely notice the difference. I'm not complaining about the weight or changes to my body--that's what I signed up for--but I am really curious. When does this happen to everyone else? Am I small, medium or big for this stage? Do things even out? Will I look pregnant in my front and my back?! (Because seriously, already having a curvy figure is not doing me any favors!) I am constantly asking about other peoples' experiences so I can make sense of my own.

The sudden awareness of my body size sent me out shopping for maternity clothes. Why did I wait so long to buy maternity jeans?! Those things are divine. My goal is to only buy maternity clothes that make me feel exceptionally great. I found some nice stuff at Kohl's and Macy's but will be spreading most of the shopping out as I grow.

Every day I take a walk down to the library and back. It's been a nice way to exercise and get some fresh air. The walk takes me through our town's Veteran's Cemetery. It's been a favorite place of mine since we've moved here. It's full of history, huge trees and a gorgeous lake. In the fall the foliage is stunning, and for Christmas the town decorates the graves with wreaths. I've decided to take the weekly photos in favorite spots of ours around Connecticut and New York. I know we'll look back on this time in our lives with fond memories of where we lived and the exciting changes that were taking place.


  1. You are small. Enjoy it. For every other pregnancy you will have ever have again you will be bigger and bigger each time at the same stage. I remember thinking I was starting to look pudgy around 5 months the first time. HA!!!
    You look beautiful though, and your little bump is adorable. I love feeling the little kicks and movements. It's so comforting.

  2. You look gorgeous and are just the perfect size. I am so, so happy for you. There is nothing like the first pregnancy. Nothing.

  3. Cutie! I love the bump. And I love that you take walks to the library. I should walk more:)
    Can't wait to hear boy or girl!!!

  4. You look so fabulous! I'm glad you're feeling good and I think you are very average for this stage in your pregnancy. So glad you are able to walk to the library now that the weather is better. So glad you have a blog! Can't wait to find out if it's a baby boy or girl!

  5. Hi Sara! You look adorable and congratulations!