Monday, April 15, 2013

Weeks 19 & 20

Our baby is a BOY! We had the anatomy scan ultrasound at 19 weeks and got to see our baby from head to toe. It was such a relief to see that he's healthy and growing normally. We're so grateful. I am still on a high from seeing his little body move around inside of me. There's just no way to explain the joy I feel. Joel and I are both so happy. Our baby boy kept stretching out his arms, legs and fingers during the ultrasound. My right uterus is a little higher up than normal so his feet are already close to my ribs. He's got a lot of energy and I'm feeling him more and more each day.
We had no inkling as to whether our baby is a boy or girl, so when we found out the gender we were both shocked. The look on Joel's face was priceless. His eyes lit up and he just grinned for the rest of the appointment. He's not a jump-up-and-down-on-Oprah's-couch sort of guy, but I could tell he was ecstatic. I am amazed at how quickly I fell in love with him (I know, cliche). I get choked up just thinking about my boy, especially during conference weekend as I imagined raising a son and hoping that he will be a good man. He is so special to me already. And I am already an annoyingly adoring mother.

We did some major spring cleaning and this pregnant lady is thrilled! We cleaned out our second bedroom, organized everything into boxes, and bought plastic drawers for baby stuff. We still only have a bassinet, a pack of diapers and a few sleepers but we're ready for more!
I actually feel my stomach stretching now so I've been using a lot of oil to ease the feeling that this child is going to burst out of me. I use Mother's Special Blend--it is amazing stuff. It's extremely oily when you first put it on, but when it soaks in my skin is so soft and it completely gets rid of dry skin and itchiness. I'm not trying to avoid stretch marks--because it is genetic and inevitable for me--I just use this oil to make myself more comfortable.
I've had a bad case of baby brain ever since the stick said positive. I can't remember names or places and am constantly switching up dates. Just last month we arrived at my cousin's birthday party an entire week early. It's getting so bad that Joel has even caught the bug. Last week he went into the city for a meeting, which was actually scheduled for the next day.
I had to start sleeping with a pillow between my legs; otherwise, my hips ache so badly it keeps me up. If I sit for too long my lower back will start to hurt. Other than that, I feel awesome. I am loving the second trimester. I can't believe I'm at the halfway mark! I do not feel 5 months pregnant.

Just five minutes from our house is a beautiful beach. Sometimes I forget we live on the coast because the majority of the time we've lived here so far has been during the winter. Now that the sun has come out we've been heading down to the water more often, and I'm sure I'll be there most days this summer. Both Joel and I were beach babies (he in Brazil and me in Southern California) so it's fun that our little boy will be a beach babe, too. I can't wait to kiss that brown, chubby boy!

*picture taken at the end of week 20 and after Sunday dinner--so half of that belly is a food baby, sorry. Still not popping out too much.

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  1. You look so cute Sara! I just wanted to tell you that I found another great tip for hip pain while you're sleeping. A couple times during the day and right before you go to sleep just put your ankle on the opposite knee and lean forward. I never thought it would work, but stretching out my hips has been so helpful the last few weeks for me!