Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The past few weeks have been quite the whirlwind! Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, the Presidential Election (sad face), and our first Nor'easter. I still can't believe November is practically halfway over. Joel is finished with his CPA exams and I only have a few weeks left of my internship. When did time start passing so quickly?

Before the storms came through we enjoyed a truly stunning New England Fall. I went on a walk every day to enjoy the leaves and crisp autumn air.

I was surprised that I am not as homesick as I thought I would be during the first few months, but I've come to realize that it's because it's not at all difficult to acclamate to such a beautiful part of the country and the charming town we live in. We love where we live and have met great friends.
We count our blessings...

And then the east coast turns on us. Welcome Frankenstorm:

As you can see, our town was hit with exceptionally strong winds. We walked around for 3 hours the day after the storm hit to see the damage. Most everyone was out of power for days, and some for over a week. We were very lucky to only be without power for 3 days and to have hot water. The following picture is outside the front of our apartment building.

(That looks dangerous, but I promise it was the safest way around)

(The roots of the uprooted trees were HUGE!)

Then a Nor'easter hit the next week.

It would have been fine had I remembered to wear my rain boots into the city (and if there is anything you need during a snow storm in NYC it is rain boots!) You guys, the slush--the slush! It's city slush. Smelly, cold, wet, gray, awful slush that puddles all over. There was a subway fire on the 7 so I had to walk to Grand Central Station in that awful slush.
And I went the wrong direction for a few blocks.
And my Uggs got soaked.
And I slipped in the snow and ripped my tights.
And let's just say I am not a fan of Nor'easters.

But I am a fan of using the snow as an excuse to pull out Pinkie, buy a large bag of grapefruits at Costco and watch Gilmore Girls as I peel the grapefruits for snacking. That is my kind of therapy session. Thanks, Winter!

During all of these natural disastors we...

-Celebrated our first official Halloween as a couple (because we never dressed up or cared to during school) going to some fabulous costume parties hosted by couples in our ward.

We may have started a tradition of switching costumes for round #2. It was too funny watching Joel walk around in skin-tight clothes.  

 -Met John and Sherry from Young House Love at their book signing. They're the coolest.

-Voted for Mitt Romney. I am so proud I got to vote for such a great man. The morning after the election I had a very powerful experience on the train ride into work. I wrote all about it but it just doesn't feel right to post it. Call me and we will chat.

-Passed CPA exam #4! It's all over, baby. We celebrated with some tasty pizza from Frank Pepe's.

Now we are looking forward to the holidays! They put the tree up in Rockefeller Center today so I am going to stop by after work. When the snow started falling last week I went a little crazy and booked the next two months with all sorts of holiday festivites in NYC and CT. We're finally no longer in school so we actually get to enjoy the full month of December and not just the few days left after finals. We're going to make the most of it!


  1. So fun. Yay Joel for passing level 4! Making is taking level 3 of the CFA in June & I want us to celebrate!!! It's always nervous. Can we be invited on your fun New England/NYC holiday trips? They sound fun.

  2. Would love to hear about your thoughts on voting for Mitt Romney. Shoot me an email if you get the chance: If it's too personal, no worries. I completely understand! I'm just curious :)