Thursday, November 29, 2012


He: wakes up when his alarm goes off, gets ready for the day, makes breakfast, prepares her lunch and gets to the train station 7 minutes before the train arrives.
She: hits snooze but hasn't figured out why the snooze on her phone doesn't work so she resets her alarm clock to 10 minutes later, hits snooze again (assuming that she'll probably wake up in 10 minutes on her own), does wake up but it's 20 minutes later, rushes around the apartment, grabs her lunch, and gets to the train station as the train is pulling up.

He: accounts for every last penny. (Just ask him about our honeymoon budget that he religiously balanced when we got back to the hotel every night)
She: Has looked at their bank account maybe two or three times since they've been married.

He: crosses his pinky toes to relax.
She: pops her joints to relax.

He: has the worst memory. He loves to rewatch movies because everything is new to him even the third time around.
She: has an excellent memory. She can never forget a face.

He: likes (virgin) piƱa coladas.
She: likes getting caught in the rain.

He: has a scar across his right eyebrow, one on his forehead near his hair line and two on his bottom lip. He doesn't know how they got there. He is mysterious.
She: will tell you how every scar on her body got there which will then prompt her to explain the metaphysical scars in her life. This can happen in one sitting if you let it. She is an open book.

He: knows she is genuinely kind.
She: knows he is humble, and obedient to the Lord.

He: likes white chocolate.
She: likes dark chocolate.

He: excercises by playing sports. He will only run if there's a ball involved.
She: can run for days. If there's a ball involved, she will run away.

He: lets the dishes pile up.
She: hates dishes in the sink. As she cooks, she cleans and then eats and rests.

Sometimes it seems like we couldn't be more different. And then the other night, when I was cutting up chicken for dinner, I accidentally sliced the tip of my thumb. I showed it to Joel, he started laughing and then showed me his thumb.

Same spot, same thumb, doing the exact same thing with that same blasted knife.

We're the best of friends, two peas in a pod, the yin to each other's yang and every other cliche you could throw at us. We love each other more than we even know and it's all because of these beautifully intricate differences that make us two puzzle pieces fit so snug together.