Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby Shower

Mama and Baby Castro were showered with a lot of love from our wonderful friends. They threw us the perfect children's book themed celebration. It was truly beyond what I could've imagined my baby shower would be. The hard work that went into it makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude and love for my dear friends who have become like family to me. This baby will be born into a very special East Coast family! 

The whole place was covered in books. You know me, this is my kind of heaven.

The decorations, the food, and the entire layout was beautiful. Nicole made a breakfast casserole that spoke to practically all of my pregnancy cravings. I loved it so much I want to eat it right after this baby is born as my celebratory meal. Yum!

Each dish and drink went along with the theme.

We played a "Guess Who" game with a mix of celebrity and my and Joel's baby pictures.

My favorite presents were each of the guests' lists of "Well Wishes" for the baby. I took them home and read through them out loud with Joel. They were sweet, funny and very special words I will keep forever. These were some of my favorites:

I hope you...beat your dad at soccer.
I hope you your parents.
I hope you wisdom.
I hope you aren't afraid of...failure.
I hope you never forget...that you are loved.
I hope you respect...nature.
I hope you tap dance. :)

Thank you to Lizzy (not pictured because she was busy nurturing her sweet twins in the hospital), Sarah, Nicole, Nicki and Colleen for putting together this grand baby shower. They are quite the creative team and pulled off an amazing celebration. 

Thank you to everyone who came, and those friends who live far away that have showered us with cards, emails, phone calls and gifts over the past few months. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. These pictures are darling. Love this whole group and love you!! Can't wait for the little guy, and so happy I have many eligible ladies for him :) xoxo